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Engine & Compressor parts

Cylinder liners Manufacturers

Cylinder liners


Cylinder liners Manufacturing machinery set-up includes:

1. Inductotherm furnaces.

2. Speed-controlled Centrifugal Casting Machine.

3. Latest models of Shell Moulding machines & Core Shooter Machines.

4. Specially designed lathe machines with Hydraulic Clamping Attachment.

5. Profile Turning Machines.

6. Vertical Boring Machines.

7. Centerless Grinding Machines.

8. CNC Turning Machines.

9. Double expansion Plateau Honing Machines fully automatic with auto sizing etc..


Cylinder liners Manufacturers


Engine & Compressor Parts Manufacturers Process

Melting -: Dual Track Induction Furnaces of Inductotherm India Ltd. are installed in this section for the melting process. This´┐Ż furnace facilitates pouring without long periods of interruption. Metal composition is tested by the Spectro and a Pyrometer is used to measure the temperature of the molten metal before pouring.

Casting -: The centrifugal casting process gives defect-free dense castings with superior wear resistance. It is carried out in co-ordination and integration with the induction melting process. Our casting process ensures minimum structural variations, dimensional accuracy, concentricity and stability, thereby complying to any International Standards of Grey Cast Iron and S G Iron.

Machining -: CNC Machinery is deployed along with other machines for Machining. Proof-machining is done as a regulation in our plant to attain accuracy at all levels. We maintain an accuracy of 0.01 in ID. Complete OD profile is done in one single setup on CNC machines with special jelly type expanding mandrils, so that a uniform expansion, concentricity and squareness is achieved with very close tolerance.

Grinding -: Grinding is done on centreless grinders where all the collars of liners are grinded simultaneously to maintain parallelism on all the diameters profiles to a minimum and also ovality to a minimum.

Vertical boring -: These machines are used for final boring. This machining process provides an accuracy of 0.010 in ID.

Honing -: We pioneered and implemented the PLATEAU Honing Process in India, over the usual honing processes. This gives optimum finishing by removing peaks and retaining valleys, using the Double Expansion Plateau Honing machines.The benefits of PLATEAU Honing are,

⇒   Increased life of piston ring.

⇒   Reduced oil consumption (to as much as 30%).

⇒   Increased engine performance and life.

⇒   Reduced engine running-in period.